My name is Katie and I stitch. I stitch because I can’t help it. I have an addiction. It’s my Mum’s fault because she taught how and then she started this amazing business called Cottage Garden Threads and created an empire of hand dyed variegated threads. It’s like my Mum is my drug dealer. She’s alot of peoples drug dealer, she’s a drug lord of the embroidery world and I am her protégé.

I also have five children and yes, I am a little mental. How do I do it? A sense of humour, using creativity as my outlet and alot of inner sweary words (some outer sweary words too). I love vintage industrial aesthetic of raw, aged materials and incorporate these into my design work. I also call upon kitsch retro for inspiration and love a good pun, especially if it incorporates nostalgia and the recollection of simpler times.

My crown logo is my interpretation of the keep calm and carry on poster’s crown. The studio I work from is called Keep Calm and Carry on Stitching. It’s become my life motto, because without stitching, I would be batshit crazy.

So if you’re a CGT junkie and a fan of vintage, industrial, kitsch and don’t mind the old sweary word or two, then welcome my friends and get your stitch on.

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P.P.S Bad jokes are my favourite.

Xx Katie