Jellyfish Stitchalong

Welcome to my brand new blog. If you’re familiar with my previous attempts at blogging, you will know that I tend to throw in some excerpts of my oh so eventful life with five darling(quant) children and boy do I have a beauty for you today ladies and gentlemen!

Let’s begin at the end and you can use your powers of deduction to guess how the incident occurred. My son Wil – 11 years has been blessed from birth with the Magneticas Injurus gene, commonly known as being a magnet to injuries. He has a particularly rare mutation of the Magneticus Injurus gene, called the you-can’t-even-make-this-stuff-upitus Magneticus Injurus.

He is currently recovering from an infection in the fluid around his knee joint. Luckily, our local Dr recognised the symptoms immediately and prescribed just the right antibiotics, narrowly avoiding an infection requiring a stay in hospital. After a few hours spent at the hospital for x-rays and further examination, he was sent home with strict instructions that if the pain worsened or the knee became redder, we were to get him back toot sweet for IV antibiotics.

Now, the question is, how does an 11 year old boy aquire an infection in the knee? As a process of elimination, lets dismiss the obvious. One would assume that being of the top level of footballers for his age, it would be a footy injury, but no. Maybe a scooter or bike stack, no. How about a wrestling match with his brother gone wrong? Nope, but getting warmer. It did involve his younger brother Mac – 10 years old and an argument. While drawing at the kitchen table, an argument between the two erupted and Wil copped a fine-liner pen in the knee. The little metal nib pierced the top of Wil’s knee, leaving a little puncture mark. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, they’re more correct than they know.

Overnight the pain became intense so I whisked him off to the Dr’s with a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. I was prepared for a Mumma bear kind of fight with the Dr considering the ‘wound’ didn’t look like very much at all and I was baffled as to how such a tiny mark could be causing so much pain. To my surprise, he immediately expressed his concern and got us on the right track to a quick recovery. As it turns out, we have a pocket of fluid on top of our knee and the nib had pierced this, pushing heaven knows what was on the surface of his knee into the fluid causing an infection to take hold immediately. And they wonder why I make them bathe on a regular basis? I love being proved right!

What we do with Mac is another story all together, suffice to say the fine-liners have been confiscated and a heavy lesson learned that you can never underestimate the consequences of mixing anger and impulse. A good lesson for all and a story for the chronicles of  ‘the boy with you-can’t-even-make-this-stuff-upitus Magneticus Injurus’.

What on earth does this have to do with a Jellyfish? It was the Jellyfish which was meant to be filling my thoughts that day by posting out all of the orders I have received for you to start stitching, not a stationary inflicted stab wound. My apologies to you who are waiting, but now that Wil is going to be fine (pun not intended), your parcels will be posted first thing next week.

For those of you seeing the Jellyfish for the first time, you can check out the stitchalong page here which has all of the downloadable PDF’s you need including materials, colourways, thread table and installments. You will receive a newsletter every time I put a new installment on the page so make sure you subscribe to my mailing list to keep up to date. You never know what other news I’ll deliver to your inbox, it could quite possibly be something that will make your day a bit brighter knowing that you aren’t me.

Xx Katie