A dream fulfilled, an arrival, a new product & more on the way.

A dream fulfilled

I’ve been wanting an excuse to dress up as Rosie The Riveter for a long time and I finally had the chance last night. People that see me on a daily basis wouldn’t see much of a difference between Rosie and what I wear everyday, I did have all the pieces of clothing in my cupboard already. I don’t so much want to play the part of a glamorous war girl, it’s Rosie’s fighting spirit that I want to embody. I am inspired and grateful everyday for the hard work, determination and pure guts that women had during the war. They paved the way for us, they showed the world what women are made of. When times are tough, they roll up their sleeves and get to work. I hope, in some small way, my life will see their legacy fulfilled. So here I am, as Rosie The Riveter.










An arrival

Great news for those of you who pre-ordered the Vintage Papers panel, your orders will be going out toot sweet. It’s been a while so here’s a couple of pictures to refresh your memory.










A new product

I have just put a new product up on the website. The Size 10 needles in metal case are available for purchase now.

Industrial strength needle case holding x14 size 10 crewel embroidery needles. These needles are the best needles for working with up to 3 strands of thread, they are fine and small with a long eye for easy threading. The pincushion inside the lid of the needle case is made from metal fibres to keep the tip ship sharp.

Every case comes to you in a brown paper envelope with stitching crown wax seal and string. The price is not printed on the envelope.

Hook your embroidery scissors through the key ring and away you go, you industrious stitcher. The old school embossed label on the case will keep suspicions at bay that it’s really an emergency nip of whisky.

More on the way

Here is a look at some things in the pipelines. I’m not going to be putting up pre-orders for these because never quite know how quickly things are going to arrive, or how quickly I can make them. I’ve been playing with more fabric ideas, this one is for stitchable cushion panels. Small enough to add your own borders. There are a few changes I need to make before I’m totally happy with these but I’m loving seeing ideas being made into real solid things.

and finally getting to some screen printed panels of my stitching crown and sewing up some prototype zippered cases. The real deal will have some crown fabric lining.