~~~ Crown Pin ~~~

Hello friends, It’s been an age of dreaming about having my sewing crown immortalized in a pin (a brooch for those of you not in the know that pin is the new vernacular for brooch) I quite like a brooch only because I like to pronounce it phonetically and elongated with a true Aussie twang, […]

Inky Stitches Jellyfish Final Installment

The final installment of the Inky Stitches Jellyfish is now up on my website. I hope you’ve enjoyed stitching your Jellyfish and have maybe even tried a few stitches you haven’t before. If you’ve stitched both the fox and the jellyfish, I’d love to hear if you’ve gone on to stitch any other illustrations in […]

Jellyfish stitchalong part 6 & other things.

You must be wondering if I had become lost out to sea never to return. In truth I have been wading through unfamiliar waters of Adrenal Fatigue. If you’ve been following me for a while you may have wondered if my constant excuses of being sick with colds, flus, tonsilitis and any number of other bugs was in […]

New! Fabric Postcard Panels

The results from my first ever fabric design experiment are in and the new fabric postcards have just hit my shop. There are so many possibilities for this panel but the first couple that spring to my mind are stitched greetings like Happy Birthday or I miss you. The other thing I think they are perfect […]

Fox Stitchalong

Helloooooo Frank Walker National Tiiiiiiiiles. Ugh you know when you get a TV add stuck in your head and it just comes out ALL.THE.TIME like a projectile marketing vomit. Kudos to you Frank Walker, you’ve burrowed your way into my brain and if I ever need to purchase tiles, I probably won’t go to you […]