Fox Stitchalong

Helloooooo Frank Walker National Tiiiiiiiiles.

Ugh you know when you get a TV add stuck in your head and it just comes out ALL.THE.TIME like a projectile marketing vomit. Kudos to you Frank Walker, you’ve burrowed your way into my brain and if I ever need to purchase tiles, I probably won’t go to you but I’ll be thinking of you the whole time. Afterall, I’ve said your name out loud more than a married woman should. Maybe I could have an inky stitches jingle so every time you embroidered something else, you would feel like you’re committing adultery. Kidding, our relationship is totally open, it’s stitchyamourousususus. But I feel like making up a jingle anyway.

Its stitchy, it’s inky

it’s stinky, it’s itchy

Moving on……quick, change the subject.

So, yeah, I put a few helpful things on the website for the fox stitchalong including materials, colourways, thread table and part 1. Along with all of the stitching instructions I will be creating a PDF of the whole fox completed as a scanned image with little number spots for colour placement.

Click on this picture below to take you there xx Katie