Jellyfish Stitchalong – Part 3

Part Three

I hope your jellyfish is coming along swimmingly. Now that we are up to part three I am wondering if you’ve thought of a name for your jellyfish yet? I quite like Jeremiah, although typically a bullfrog title, I think it sits well. Or how about Jazz, just imagine a jellyfish named Jazz doing jazz hands, now that would be a site to behold. Not that we have to stick with names beginning with J, I’m partial to an Ethel the ethereal, quite a ring to it don’t you think? Have you named your jellyfish? I’d love to know.

xx Katie

P.S I probably should tell you to click on the bit that says Jellyfish Part Three above the bit where I’m daydreaming about naming an embroidered jellyfish. Don’t even get me started on my household appliances.