Jellyfish stitchalong part 6 & other things.

You must be wondering if I had become lost out to sea never to return. In truth I have been wading through unfamiliar waters of Adrenal Fatigue. If you’ve been following me for a while you may have wondered if my constant excuses of being sick with colds, flus, tonsilitis and any number of other bugs was in fact … fiction after all. There is a happy ending to my story, actually a happy beginning because I feel as though now is a new beginning for me. After being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue two months ago and undertaking a radical lifestyle over haul, I feel great and I know I will only feel greater! What led me to this point so suddenly was a quick stay in a fancy place with lots of tubes, pointy things and beepy machines, on Christmas ever nonetheless while Damien darted about town picking up the Christmas shopping. It wasn’t an elaborate plan to get out of the manic Christmas shopping but it would have been a bloody good plan if it was. No, what had happened was that my adrenal glands had crashed and my immune system could not fight the infections taking over my body. It wasn’t just one, I was being attacked from all angles. Tonsilits was raging through my whole body, if you’ve ever had it you know what I mean and I had a nasty case of conjunctivitis of all things. In one eye, so I was all hunched over like death walking with half my face swollen. It was the Quasimodo / E.R cross over Christmas special. There really wasn’t anything they could do about it, apart from a few intravenous drugs and time. When I came home, I was determined to get to the bottom of why I am constantly getting sick. Long story short, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and under the guidance of my G.P, Naturopath and Chiropractor I eliminated gluten, dairy, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, coffee and anything that will stimulate my adrenal glands. The simplest way to describe Adrenal Fatigue is that the little known glands that sit on the top of your kidneys are responsible for the communication system in your body. It creates and monitors your hormones so you can react to different situations and generally keep all the cogs turning in your body. These hard working little glands don’t differentiate between the daily stresses of life or being hunted by a saber tooth tiger. It acts the same way to both situations, turning on fight or flight and pumping adrenaline so you can survive. Seems like overkill when the fuel light going on in the car has the same reaction within your body as being stalked by a hungry beast. When you have been living for years with constant stress, your adrenal glands start stealing things from the rest of your body to go into fight or flight mode and causes things like an compromised immune system, depression, anxiety and general feellikeshitness. In today’s world, the food we eat is just one more of these stresses, the lack of proper nutrition just tips the scales even more. The cure – lots and lots and lots of rest, complete change in diet and mindset. But I am so happy to have finally found an answer and the only way I was going to find it out was to follow my intuition and keep looking. Keep researching because no one was going to knock on my door with all the answers. So it’s onward and upwards from here (with rest in between) . I think I’m finally understanding what the concept of balance is, that foreign concept that I kept hiding from because I thought it would slow me down, when in reality, its the thing that’s going to stop the scales from tipping to a level I don’t want to go back to.

All this brings me to my point of this post, to give you part 6 of a Jellyfish stitchalong. Happy Stitching xx Katie